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Target Marketing

Targeting your audience will help reduce the wastage and increase your return on investment.

Using  the most advanced targeting tools in combination with our own databases created over many
years of experience, we can help you identify your client socio-demographic profile and then target
it from individual address level to postcode sector level.

Our Geoplan targeting software uses the Census and Royal Mail Postal Address File for the most
accurate and up-to-date information about London’s homes and businesses.  We can help you reach
the right types of homes and households by using ACORN socio-demographic targeting to deliver your
communications to ‘Flourishing Families’, ‘Prosperous Professionals’ or ‘Prudent Pensioners’
– ask for details.

All these sources of information help us to help you to keep track of your customers and residents.
We can then provide you with accurate numbers for your print run as well as taking the guesswork
out of targeting.

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